24 April 2010

Castles In The Sand

Some of the many sandcastles at Elua, Wailea and Big Beach!

3 For 3 game

We interrupt the Maui pictures to bring you an important baseball update. After missing Game 1, Justin was 1 for 2 on Wednesday and 3 for 3 today for an .800 batting average so far this season! Justin made great contact for three great hits.

The drill at this age is that we use a pitching machine to deliver a consistent pitch to the boys so they can become more proficient in hitting. They get 5 pitches and if they don't put the ball in play they get to hit it off a tee. Justin didn't need more than 3 pitches today to hit the ball from the pitching machine. He was awesome!

He also made a good play at first base for an out. The Green Gators won 18-10, their third straight win!

21 April 2010

You Better Not Pout

Yes indeed, when will Justin ever learn how to smile?

20 April 2010

Surf's Up!

Cowabunga, dude! Brook was ready to ride the waves...but had to be on a constant lookout for humpback whales. We saw dozens of whales at Wailea, fairly close to shore. At breakfast one morning a whole pod of them swam by, putting on a show right before our eyes for about 20 minutes. A couple of days later they did massive jumps and splashes in and out of the water by Elua beach. Wow! It was amazing. Even one day just walking along the shoreline path we saw them. I'm glad I didn't pay for a whale watching excursion.

The only bad thing was that I never bothered to grab the camera, thinking that as soon as I pulled it out they would disappear. At least Judie got a couple of tail shots.

Meanwhile, back on shore, my little hula girls did a little dance...Justin is so going to regret being such a little ham when he's older!

Tiki Idol

Man, I've wanted to go to Hawaii ever since I saw the Brady Bunch episodes about the tiki idol way back when I was a kid. And no, that's not Vincent Price behind the mask! I tried to make a fire offering to appease the island gods, but who'd want a skinny nose picking kid anyway???

Waterslides And Lounging Around

Justin mastered the twisting waterslide last year, but this year he was up for the cannonball waterslide, now that he can swim. It blasts you straight down, plunging into a deep pool of water at high velocity. BAM! Somehow I managed to catch him just before he hit the water.

Brooks spent the first few days loving the beach...until her pretty pink bathing suit got sand in between the layers of fabric...she became a pool rat after that!

Maui Week!

A whole week of pics from our recent trip to the 808 state...

19 April 2010

Maui...The Calm...

What a place to relax. I've travelled the world and I can honestly say I've never felt as calm as when I'm in Maui. I don't know why, I don't know what it is...but I love this tiny island. A few pics to ease you into island life...the calm before the storm of Justin and Brooklyn unleashed in Hawaii!!!

Coming Soon...

Ah, Maui. Is there any place on earth as wonderful as this?

01 April 2010