28 June 2010

End Of Season

Heh, heh, heh! Justin was really having an awkward time smiling with his new front teeth for his baseball photo!!! But Brooks is so sweet she could play for the Angels!

Anyway, school and activities are winding down for the year. The Green Gators had an impressive 7-1-2 record for the short baseball season, and Justin played very well. Brooklyn's t-ball team is also winding down.

The summer is wide open now...if it ever arrives!!! Judie wants to buy new patio furniture and I don't know why. To look at, I guess. We've had one day over 20 degrees and we ate outside once so far. Brrr. I need another trip to Hawaii to warm up!

14 June 2010

Go, Go, Go! Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sometimes my faithful readers (who never seem to post comments on the blog) send me snot-o-gram emails wondering when I'm ever going to update my blog. Well, between work, home and kids activities, there isn't much time left in the day to write a proper post. What have we been up to? Well, I've been to New York again, killing a few days of precious time. And the kids have been full on with activities now that the weather is FINALLY getting better.

First of all, a belated congratulations to Justin and Brooklyn, who passed Swim Kids 3 and Whale respectively at the Atlantis swimming program. Brooks is now stuck because she's reached the top level for kids under 6!!! She can't register for Swim Kids 1 or 2 for another year and a half! Both of them were very pleased and swimming better than I remember doing at that age.

Second of all, Justin has been running 3 days a week before school in the "kilometre club", which encourages kids to be active. He hit his goal of an accumulated 100 kilometers last week! Way to go, Justin! As a reward, we bought him some goalie equipment for street hockey that he REALLY wanted.

Justin blocks a shot with his pads.

Justin decked out in his new goalie equipment. He's about as graceful as Luongo (take that comment any way you want!)

Justin catching. The Green Gators are 7-1-1 (with one rainout) this season. Coaching 7 year olds at baseball is like herding cats! Our team seems to be the only team in the league where we have to teach the kids to be less competitive! They are killers! We turned two double plays in a recent victory over the Spitfires.

Brooks is playing t-ball, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry!

Justin takes Trevor's dog, Reggie, for a walk. The kids desperately want a pet but I'm sticking to my allergic-to-dogs-and-cats line.

Justin finally riding his bike. He really should have a proper bike with gears. The "Hummer" bike he's riding must weigh at least twice as much as he does!

Brooks still has her training wheels on, but she looks stylin'!

Justin takes to the fireman pole at the playground.

Brookster smiling down after climbing the wall with the chain.

Monkey bars!

Brooks scales the tower from another angle.

Geez, Justin doesn't even need a push on the swings anymore. When did that happen?

Um, not sure what to say about this picture. Oh, Brooks. She said she was supposed to be a clown...with a bag on her head and a deflated inner tube around her neck. At least she has an imagination!

And this? This is the picture my dear, sweet daughter took of me on the patio yesterday! No respect, I tell ya!
By the way, the picture quality isn't great because I took all of these with my Blackberry, not a proper camera...but at least I was able to capture the moments and give you an idea of what we've been up to!