01 September 2010


There's nothing quite like a long weekend at beautiful Parksville, especially when the weather cooperates. The beaches are incredibly sandy and the shallow water lends itself to searching for crabs, clams, mussels and other little critters at low tide.

Hotshot Brooks won the bouncy ball race...

...against her less coordinated competitor!

Urgh! I was so conscious of keeping the score close, Justin ended up beating me at mini-golf due to a couple of late brilliant shots!!! Revenge will be mine!!!

The weather couldn't have been any better. We even saw three deer on the way to mini-golf!

The kids loved the s'mores and log cabin after a long day at the beach!

And the parents loved a glass of red wine after a long day at the beach!

The king of burning marshmallows!

Pouty Justin on the ferry ride home. I don't blame him, Parksville is a great place for a summer getaway!

Upper Canada Village

Boy, am I behind on my blogging. Haven't even got all the pictures from our Kingston trip posted. Here's a couple from our trip to Upper Canada Village, a recreation of a typical late 1800's Ontario town. Justin thought it was pretty boring, of course, and Brooklyn sneezed from the hay and animals the whole time, but otherwise it was fun. The funniest part was the trip to the doctor's house...if you could have seen the look on Justin's face as she explained what all the torture devicies...er, I mean surgical tools...were used for!!!

A couple of freaks from the canrival!

Justin pumps it up!

Justin pushing the hay wagin to earn his wages.