24 December 2010

Unique Christmas Gifts

Hee hee hee! A Brian puzzle! Mom must have LOVED getting this fantastic, unique Christmas gift from her favourite son!

22 December 2010

Katy Perry Sent Me A Greeting From Santa!!!

Wow, I didn't know she cared! The kids can hardly believe it!


Christmas Party

We had our company Christmas Party at the Pacific Rim Hotel this year. Yup, the hottie in the picture is yours truly. Very dapper, what with the perfect two point pocket square and all. Oh yeah, and Judie is the one in the red dress.

Holiday Express

All aboard! It's time to roll out the Holiday Express!

Truth be told, this is another space consuming Christmas decoration taking up a valuable spot on our garage shelves. The box for this thing is massive! I don't know if it is "garden" gauge track or what.

I strained my back pulling it out and it is so massive we have to set it up in our living room around the ottoman. It is so big I can't even do a circle around our tree without the tracks spillling into the hallway! Nonetheless, the kids love, Love, LOVE it. Justin has been playing with it all morning. Sheesh. I guess as much as things change, an electric train can still captivate the imagination of a little boy.

The set is very colorful, with flashing lights on every car. Pretty good for a Costco special. We must have had this set for at least 5 years and it has become a favourite Christmas tradition with the kids...and every other little kid they invite over during the holidays!!!

There is something that moves on each car too. Santa waves from the engine, a little elf pops out of the back of the tender, the elves saw a candy in half on the Candy Dancer car, and chop wood on the Log Mill car.

My personal favourite is the Tanker car, where a little elf on a magnet spins around as if he was skating.

And Santa's toy shop is in the caboose.

Along with a jolly little...clone trooper??? OK, now I understand why Justin likes it so much. The Republic has commandeered the Holiday Express for a special mission against the Separatists.

And to top it all off, there's a Station that plays non-stop Christmas music while the Holiday Express chugs around the living room. Did I mention there is a remote control to make the train go fast or slow, forward and reverse, and make an assortment of sounds?!? Oh dear, I have a headache already. I need to go check to see if there's any rum in the house for my eggnog.

Breakfast With Santa

Brooklyn got all gussied up for Breakfast With Santa at Canada Place. Fancy dress, straight hair, the whole nine yards. The event featured perennial Vancouver kids' favourites Music With Marnie and Bobs and Lolo and I guess they threw in the Show Stoppers (a glee club) for the parents. That's an angel painted on her face...yes, they had face painting for the kids too.

And don't worry, unlike the Trudeau's, we only wear fake fur in my family.

13 December 2010

Naughty Or Nice???

Christmas Mashup - The Police v Rudolph

The kids just watched the classic puppet animation version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" last night. This is a great mashup of "Roxanne" and the Christmas classic.

12 December 2010

H-E-L-L-O, It's Showtime!

Oh dear. Camera work by Justin. Performance by Brooklyn. It becomes semi-coherent at about the 25 second mark.

Holiday Happenings

Well, apparently I have ruined Christmas for my wife by getting a tree that's a little short and fat. I've nicknamed it Pavorottree after the fat tenor. She's facebooking about how awful it is and everything. Sheesh. So, instead of a picture perfect Martha Stewart tree, we have adorned Stumpy with multicolored lights and all the kids' homemade decorations! Hey, it is all about the kids isn't it? They had fun decorating it and that's all that matters. Since it is short and squat, they could reach most of the branhces without my help. Now if only Brooks would leave the freakin' decorations on the tree and stop playing with them!!! The other good thing about picking up our Douglas Fat from Home Depot is it came with a $25 coupon for January. The tree is basically free!

I'm sure my parents cursed me for goofing off when I was a kid when they were trying to take a picture. Thank goodness for the digital camera, or the folks at the photo-mart would have a good laugh developing the film from our house.

Justin, in particular, is a little freak. Half the time I think he's trying to replicate 80's robot dance moves or MJ's Thriller video.

The kids are pretty excited about Santa this year. Let's just say that their letter to Santa involved taking the Toys'R'Us flyer and crossing out a couple of toys they DIDN'T want.

In the meantime, Judie decided to buy a 1,000 piece Christmas puzzle to keep the kids busy over the holidays. It was a good idea except the puzzle she picked was freakin' impossible!!! We ended up doing most of it because it was far too complicated for the kids. I don't even want to guess how many hours we spent on this. Thank God it is done. Whew.

Next Saturday the Leafs are in town and we've got tickets for the game. Nothing would make the season more complete than having the Canucks kick Toronto's butts.