28 November 2009

Pool Rats

Congrats to Justin and Brooklyn on their swimming lessons! Justin passed level 2 with flying colours and will move up to level 3. He can float on his back, tread water and do the front crawl the length of the pool. No diving yet but he loves to jump in and then swim back to the surface.

Brooklyn finished the "salamander" level and will move up to "sunfish" next time. She can float on her back and glide and is starting to do the front crawl.

Both kids love, love, love the pool and their swimming is really progressing well. Great job, mini-dudes! Maui in April is going to be a blast!

23 November 2009

DJ Justin

Yesterday I was cleaning up some "lost" songs from an old cassette tape on the computer using a software program called "Audacity". The program can take out or mask the hiss of a cassette tape or the crackles and pops of a vinyl record. But it also has a number of mix effects you can use and you can splice and edit the sound recording any way you want - it is really just up to your imagination.

Justin walked in and for whatever reason he was very interested in how the soundwaves appeared on the screen and what the program could do. We opened up Devo's "Whip It", one of his faves, and did our own remix. Crack-crack-cr-cr-cr-cr-crack that whip! Talk about cheap entertainment...I never would have thought something like this would capture the attention of a seven year old boy.

DJ Justin's in da house!