18 June 2009

Angels or Devils?

Where do they learn to do the head tilt?

Brooklyn and her friend Jaden..trouble waiting to happen...

11 June 2009

Justin Is Growing Up

Anyone who has young kids is undoubtedly familiar with Dora the Explorer and her best friend Boots the monkey. When Justin was going through the Dora phase (yes, preschool boys love her too) we bought an annoying CD of all the annoying songs from the show.

One of the tracks deep into the CD has Boots singing about balls..."I love my balls, my bouncy balls, I love my balls, balls, balls, balls, balls! My balls are bouncy, my balls are blue, I love my balls and you can play with them too"! OK, so if you're even half as immature as I am, you are snickering to yourself and wondering how they ever got away with that one on a kid's CD.

Fastforward a couple of years and now Brooklyn is the one into Dora and Boots. Tonight when we were playing, Brooks started singing the song and I joined in...and suddenly Justin burst into hysterical laughter. Deep, gut-busting belly laughs! He's 6 years old and he finally got it! That's my boy!