26 April 2009

The Last of the Maui Pics

We have hundreds of photos from our trip, but now that we're back, it's time to get back into the swing of regular life. :(

1) The Marriot in Wailea had a great kids pool and these fantastic green waterslides. Justin wimped out initially, but once he discovered how fun it was, he was unstoppable. Brooklyn was too scared until near the end of the trip...when she finally tried it she was so excited she crammed about 500 slides into a few short hours!!!

2) The whole trip was more fun for the kids when we hooked up with Jessica and Jamie. Jess is like Brooklyn's big sister, and the two of them are the worst 5 and 3 year old fashionistas you've ever seen. Jess had more wardrobe changes than a Broadway musical and Brooks tried to keep up. She even made her Mom go shopping for more "fancy dresses".

3) Justin and I had a lot of fun at the beaches. The waves were big and wave jumping and body surfing was a blast.

4) Justin tried to take credit for building the sand turtle, but it was already there when we arrived at the beach! This photo is from Big Beach, where you can apparently see the odd sea turtle.

23 April 2009

Elua Castle

The Lords and Ladies of Elua ordered the construction of a fine castle by the shores of the Pacific ocean. Lord Justin, Lady Jessica and Lady Brooklyn shoveled sand out of the hole while Lord Jamie did his best to shovel it back in. Nonetheless, a splendid fortress arose from the sands...only to be swamped by the raging surf. I made the mistake of jumping into the resulting hot tub, only to be swamped by all four of them!

22 April 2009

Random Maui Moments

Some random pics...

1) We tell Justin he can take one lava rock home from the field of lava flows...and of course he picks the one the size of his head. Good thing they're light...but that sucker burned up valuable luggage space his mother would have loved to have had!

2) Justin and Brooklyn take a break from fighting to pose in front of the flowers at Matteo's in Wailea.

3) The kids loved feeding the fish at the Koi pond in front of the hotel. I've decided I'm not buying property in Maui until I can afford a place that has it's own Koi pond and a 100 year old Banyan tree.

4) The view from our garden level room at the Marriot in Wailea...in the distance you can see Elua beach, where there was particularly good snorkeling around the black lava rocks.

Little Rascals

Would you trust this crew of little rascals?

There's Always-act-goofy-in-front-of-the-camera-Justin, I'm-glued-to-the-big-sister-I-never-had-Brooklyn, Do-you-love-my-day-8-bathing-suit-Jessica, and Look-out-here-comes-trouble-Jamie.

This is the best picture I could get of these chaotic little critters!

18 April 2009

Maui Mini Golf

Justin is at an age where he would sooner be entertained than lay on a beach. Can't blame him for that, I suppose. Yesterday the two of us had a mini golf / bumper boat excursion while the others went shopping. Justin got a hole in one! But the real fun was the bumper boats...I got soaked!!!

16 April 2009

More Maui Days

Hanging out with Ken, Annabelle and Harmoni in Maui...

Ka'anapali Black And White

Timeless memories from Ka'anapali...

13 April 2009

Maui Days

We arrived in Maui late on Saturday and woke up on Easter Sunday to the most glorious golden sunshine and blue sky I've ever seen. Justin and Brooklyn frolicked in the waves all morning, and several sandcastles were built and crushed under kid feet that day. The afternoon was spent back at the house we're renting, splashing in the pool for almost 3 hours! Brooklyn still thinks she can swim on her own, even though she can't, the stubborn little critter! The kids are having a blast and as for me...I've actually lost all concept of time, a minor miracle and major indication of how quickly this beautiful place can seduce you and make you forget about work. Judie's parents and brother went golfing today and they're bringing back steaks for a cookout on the outdoor grill by the pool. This is the life.